Hardware & Software


DO IT Solutions offers custom built computer systems to suit any type of small or large business or even a home office set up. We can assemble various hardware packages to suit any budget and along with the standard factory warranties we offer ongoing maintenance and support of your new system. We also offer on site hardware repairs for any existing equipment as well as free quotes for any required replacements or upgrades.


DO IT Solutions will handle the software implementation on your new custom build computer system, as well as any software upgrades on existing equipment. All our software programs come with the standard factory warranty, licensing and registration.

Our company can offer a few custom designed software programs based on SQL, PHP, HTML and other programming languages, based on your needs and requirements. Please contact our programming specialist through our “Contact Us” page on this site to arrange a time to discuss your needs.


DO IT Solutions will take care of all your systems network design, implementation and support.

Do you manage an expanding small business or perhaps have multiple offices?

Chances are you already have some sort of network in place or you definitely need one. It is very comon for growing businesses to overlook their IT networking needs as they employ more people or open new offices. Being able to share information efficiently and keep hardware / software solutions consistantly and reliably available for your staff should be given a high priority (in almost any industry) if you plan to compete with every other business in your field.

Quite often, when aquiring or upgrading a networkork infrastructure, the immediate gain is in the form of time. Do not under estimate the value of time and efficiency in your business, if you have competitors offering a good quality product or service at a cheaper price than yours it is most probably due to better time management and organisation.

Call us today to find out more. Let us know what you currently have and how you use it, and we will explain what is available to you, how much it will cost, and how it will benefit your business or organisation. Once you are happy with a solution presented we then implement it for you (usually out of hours to avoid affecting productivity) from start to finish and support you from there on from our help-desk.


Trust DO IT Solutions with your network security needs.

What would your business do if all of your data (files, emails, programs etc) vanished, or were compromised?

Many business managers avoid this question thinking "It won't happen to me, we don't run the computers very hard and nobody would want to hack little old me". There is no need to get to frightenned by the posibility a data loss or infection disaster occuring. Think of it much like your car insurance, you might be a great driver and park your car securely as often as possible but you know that you wouldn't like to be without insurance if your car was stolen or if it was destroyed.

Security and redundancy are often vastly undervalued areas of IT in small businesses today. You need a form of data redundancy to protect your from data loss and a form of network security to protect you from infection or invasion. The fact is, even if you have very few "enemies" or "competitors" and have paid for good hardware, hardware does fail, and viruses do exist. If your entire business was brought down for days or weeks just becuse a hard-drive stopped working or your server / computers became infected it would only be because you were not set up for data redundancy (for quick recovery of lost data) and network security (protection from infection, and a quick recovery / restoration system).

You do not need to be fearful of these things, give DO IT Solutions a call. After analysing your current setup we can provide some price-scalable options for you.

(Price-scalable options are solutions that allow you to vary the price while varying their effectiveness. For example, not all businesses need to pay "top dollar" and have backups available within seconds of a disaster. Many would scale it down to a more cost effective version of the solution which would still allow access to backed up data within a few hours instead of seconds)


Is your business mobile yet?

We can help integrate your iPhone or Blackberry devices with your emails, calendar, or shared files and documents. Recieve your emails anywhere you have mobile data access, be prompted by your calendar reminders that you set through MS Outlook on your office computer. Quickly and securely access some of your most important documents right from your mobile device. Believe it or not, we can even set up your mobile device to remotely control your computer or server while you are out and about. If all of this sounds very useful to you, please contact us and we'll talk about some options available.

However something even more exciting is here:

We can make an iPhone application for your business!