Software Design

Below are a few examples of software solutions we have developed for some of our clients:

N & A Transport Logistics

DO IT Solutions is currently developing a tailor made logistics management and tracking system/database with the ability to import lists of incoming items from CVS, assigning items to delivery drivers, tracking shipping statuses, producing accounts reporting and much, much more.


Flemdale Pty Ltd T/A CSG Business Centre (formerly known as XEROX Business Centre)

The Customer Resolution Register was designed to enable CSG Staff to provide better Customer Service by replying to all our customer enquiries and concerns in a timely manner and with the best resolution possible. By entering a Task in this Register, CSG Staff were able to store, locate, assign and resolve any customer complaints or questions in a much quicker and manageable way than before. Staff could now create reminders for tasks they were meant to complete within a certain time frame and Management were now able to monitor their department’s performance and Customer Service levels. This project was initially created for the Brisbane CSG Centre, however it then grew into a companywide used system across all CSG centres in Australia. It was eventually further developed to allow CSG to comply with all government ISO Accreditation* requirements. The program was designed in Microsoft Office Access 2007 using VB and SQL coding and was also integrated with CSG's existing software programs.

*The Standard is intended for organisations that need to be able to demonstrate their ability to provide services or products that consistently meet the requirements of their customers, as well as any legal or regulatory requirements applicable, and to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Suncorp Metway Ltd Small Business Support Team

Reporting solution developed in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 using complex array formulas to enable better data storage / management and more efficient reporting for the National Manger of the Suncorp Small Business team. This enhanced reporting workbook provided more accurate results for better sector budget planning and forecasting, than the tools used by the team previously could ever present.

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